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Castello d’Ischia
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Castello d’Ischia is an anchorage in Ischia.

Ischia is a charter location in Tyrrhenean Sea, a yacht charter area in Italy.

The anchorages on Ischia:


Castello d’Ischia is an anchorage located on the NE coast of the island and takes its name from Aragonese Castle perched on top of the hill. The islet is connected to the mainland by a causeway and is one of the most popular attractions on the island of Ischia. At night, the lights from the castle create a beautiful sight from the water.


It is possible to anchor on either side of the island according to the wind. Beware of the rocky shoals of Scoglio di Sant’ Anna, located S of the causeway. The southern side is preferred for shelter. The bottom provides good holding in 4-8m and is sand, mud and weed. In the summer, the area can be busy with bathers and certain parts are fenced off. When arriving later in the day, figuring out the right spot to go to can be a bit complicated. Keep in mind that anchoring is prohibited on the S side of the bay where underwater cables run. The frequent traffic from boats can create a noticeable roll.

Castello Aragonese
Credit: Canva Library


The anchorage is only a short walk away from Ischia with easy access to the main town for shopping and supplies. Great dining options.

Types of Boats in the area

Luxury yachts, catamarans and fishing boats can all be seen around the area.

Castello d'Ischia
Credit: Canva Library

Capacity and Technical Data 

While in the area, you may wish to visit Castello Aragonese and discover the history of the area. It is open 365 days a year, from dawn till sunset. This area is part of Zone C of the marine protected area around Ischia called “Regno di Nettuno”. Mooring on anchor is banned from June 1st to September 30th. The anchorage can be very busy during the day and weekends. Depending on wind position you might need to relocate to the other side of the castle. Water taxis are available for a reasonable price.

Here is a video that shows the beauty of Castello d’Ischia for yacht charters interested in exploring the area.

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