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Forio d’Ischia

Sant’Angelo d’Ischia
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Forio d’Ischia
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Castello d’Ischia
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Porto d’Ischia
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Forio d’Ischia is an anchorage in Ischia.

Ischia is a charter location in Tyrrhenean Sea, a yacht charter area in Italy.

The anchorages on Ischia:


Forio is the second largest town on the west coast of Ischia island and is connected by hydrofoil to Naples. The origin of its name is still under debate but it could be linked to its “fertile” land positioned on the slopes of Mount Epomeo. Similar to the rest of the island, Forio is well known for its thermal springs. The long golden sand of Citara Beach is located near The Poseidon Gardens thermal park and is a popular choice for families, with clean and warm waters.


A well-designed port in the heart of the Marine Protected Area of the Kingdom of Neptune, Forio d’Ischia can accommodate 200 berths from 6-40 metres. Depth 1-8 metres. Electricity and water are available near all berths. The entrance to the port is tricky due to reefs and shoal water. Safe approach along 170°. It is open to the NW-N winds but offers reasonably good shelter during the summer months. Yachts can go stern or bows-to on the pontoons. Fuel in the city. Weather forecast on VHF 6

Forio - Ischia
Credit: Canva Library
Citara Beach
Credit: Canva Library - Citara Beach


Visitors will find standard amenities, including grocery stores, shops and restaurants around the area. No chandlery in the town. 

Capacity and Technical Data 

Keep in mind that the W coast of Ischia is fringed with rocks so care should be taken to maintain a safe distance at all times. From Forio, you may also wish to take a taxi south towards Panza, and explore the hot springs of Sorgeto, open to the public and free to access. Alternatively, you can sail to Sant’Angelo d’Ischia on the southern coast for a closer look at the area.

Here is a video showing visitors the beauty of Forio d’Ischia. Ready to explore it?

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