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Porto d’Ischia is an anchorage in Ischia.

Ischia is a charter location in Tyrrhenean Sea, a yacht charter area in Italy.

The anchorages on Ischia:


Porto d’Ischia is located on the NE side of Ischia and is the main port of the island. A charming spot in the Gulf of Naples that attracts thousands of visitors each year and a welcome point for all arrivals, Porto d’Ischia offers true relaxation and wellness for thermal spa enthusiasts and yacht charters looking to unwind and explore the coastal beauties. The port is located a couple of miles NW of Castello d’Ischia, the emblematic islet connected to the mainland through a causeway that is worth visiting while in the area.


The natural cove of this harbour offers excellent protection. Approaching can be challenging as it is not clearly visible but for the constant flow of movement from ferries and yachts entering the harbour. Care should be taken during the approach to avoid detached breakwaters on the E and W side. Danger is increased overnight when they are less visible and unlit. Depth ranges from 5-6m in the entrance and 2-4m at the quay. There is excellent capacity with a total of 200 available berths. Space for three yachts in transit. Water, electricity and all standard amenities are also available for all berths. Due to its excellent offerings and overall popularity of the island, Porto D’Ischia is often busy and fully occupied during peak season. Yachts can go stern-to the quay on the SW side or E side. Best to arrive early for having the option of a berth. Alternatively, cruises can stay on the fuel quay for the night.

Ischia Porto Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash by Arno Senoner


One of the best options for shopping and visitor amenities including grocery stores, banks and ATMs, as well as car and motorbike rentals for those wishing to explore other areas of the island. Excellent restaurants in the area for dining in style while soaking in the island charm.

Types of Boats that are in the Marina 

Luxury sailboats, superyachts and catamarans can be spotted all around the marina. 

Ischia Port
Credit: Canva Library

Capacity and Technical Data 

Anchoring in the bays on either side of the harbour is prohibited. However, local yachts can be spotted in 5-8 in the sand. Porto d’Ischia is truly hectic during the summertime with a constant flow of hydrofoils, fast ferries and catamarans; near misses are not uncommon. Don’t be surprised if the local ormeggiatori demand a fee and keep in mind that haggling is acceptable. There is also the option to carry out repairs up to 150 T.

Here is a video showing yacht charters the beauty and appeal of Porto d’Ischia for their Mediterranean cruising in Italy.

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