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Sant’Angelo d’Ischia

Sant’Angelo d’Ischia
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Sant’Angelo d’Ischia is an anchorage in Ischia.

Ischia is a charter location in Tyrrhenean Sea, a yacht charter area in Italy.

The anchorages on Ischia:


One of the most easily recognized and distinctive spots on the island of Ischia. Located on the southern coast, Sant’Angelo d’Ischia is actually a suburb of Serrara Fontana, and can only be seen on foot. Lacking a more traditional centre, the lower part of the village is made up of “La Torre”, the tufa stone islet joined by a narrow strip of land, and the marina.

This unspoilt paradise is the definition of life on the water where visitors can unwind and take in the view across the Tyrrhenian Sea. At night, the area comes alive and can be very busy during the summer months. Luxury boats that visit the area contribute to the reclusive and exclusive feel. The postcard feel of Sant’Angelo d”Ischia will enchant everyone that visits its shore.


The harbour of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia is quite small and the entrance can be difficult to identify from a distance. When there are strong S-SE winds the swell in the entrance can be confusing. Prices are high and reflect the exclusive feel and limited space available in the marina. 116 berths available, with a maximum length of 50 and depths between 1-4 metres. Electricity and water are available but no fuel. Good protection from the wind unless the S winds are blowing. Yachts can go stern or bows-to the quay. Care should be taken for the uneven depths around the harbour.

Sant'Angelo Ischia Italy
Credit: Unsplash by Samuel C
Sant'Angelo d'Ischia
Credit: Canva Library


Lots of restaurants and shops are available near the port and around the small village squares. Great for souvenirs and shopping with excellent high-quality options. Not ideal for main provisioning and yacht chandlers.

Capacity and Technical Data 

The port of Sant’Angelo brings to mind the Cycladic white houses of the Greek islands perched on the hills, overlooking the charming bay. There are various attractions for visitors around the area, including the famous hot springs of Sorgeto, that are open to the public and free to use. Don’t miss a visit to the Fumaroles of Sant’Angelo, where visitors come to heal ailments and experience the unique phenomenon of the hot sand that reaches temperatures of more than 100 – 150 degrees Celsius. Locals will also host picnics here cooking fish, chicken and other dishes right on the sand. This is a great spot to explore if you are after something different than the more popular Casamicciola and Castello d’Ischia.

Here is a video from the area of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia that yacht charters can look forward to.

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