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Capri is a charter location in Tyrrhenean Sea, a yacht charter area in Italy.

The anchorages on Capri:

Marina Grande
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Island Overview 

The island of Capri is one of the most visited and well-known destinations in Italy that attracts yacht charters and day-trippers for a chance to see and be seen. Located off the southern coast of Italy, in the Gulf of Naples, it is easily accessible from nearby Sorrento and the stunning waters of the Amalfi coast to the south. Due to its popularity, the island can be insanely busy in the summer. To avoid long queues, it is advised to visit tourist attractions early in the morning or after 3 PM when the day-trippers have started to depart.

A celebrity hotspot, this is the island that inspired Jackie Kennedy’s timeless Capri sandal look and has been a haven for celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Leonardo DiCaprio. Capri expertly caters to the mega-rich and wealthy clientele that visit its shore, offering unique and luxury experiences from dining to entertainment and of course, shopping. Its exclusive and high-end vibe will amaze everyone that visits and leave you wanting more.


Marina Grande is the main port in Capri and where most visitors will arrive. Located on the northern bay overlooking the Gulf of Naples, this is where the larger vessels can be found. It is recommended to approach from the N side. High traffic from larger ferries and hydrofoils have priority which could be stressful for novice skippers. Depth varies between 2-8 meters and the yacht basin is spacious with room for 300 berths in total. Prices can be quite high especially during peak season.

Alternatively, you can also anchor on Marina Piccola, situated on the S side of the island. The appeal of the bay is hard to miss, with crystal waters and charming restaurants. This is the spot where according to Greek mythology, Odysseus encountered the sirens that tried to seduce him with their song. The best shelter is under the cove, offering protection from the N winds but southerlies can still pose a challenge. It is an equally busy area and with all amenities to cater to yacht charters in the Amalfi Coast.

Other smaller bays found around Capri are not recommended for overnight stays due to inadequate shelter and particularly rocky bottoms.

Capri Island Italy
Credit: Unsplash
Capri Island Harbour Italy
Credit: Unsplash

General Information 

Capri is among the top destinations for superyachts in the Mediterranean due to its pristine coastline and premium aesthetic. The island has remained a spot where the rich and famous choose to spend their days and walking around the town, it is easy to imagine you are on a runway show. The natural splendour and gastronomy, however, means Capri does not only attract party-goers but honeymooners, and those seeking cultural activities and sights.

The island has two main centres: Capri and Anacapri. The latter can be reached by renting a scooter, hiring a taxi or using public transport. Vehicles are not allowed in Capri between Easter and November, which is fine since the area is easy to explore on foot and much more enjoyable that way.

History of Capri

Capri has been inhabited since ancient years with notable the presence of the Greeks from the 8th century BC onwards. After the Greeks, Capri passed onto the hands of the Romans and specifically under the control of Roman emperor Augustus who exchanged it for Ischia, a small island further north in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

This was the period when Capri was strewn with temples, villages and vibrant gardens that showcased the natural splendour of the landscape. A drainage system was also constructed. Augustus’ successor, the emperor Tiberius, carried on, building a total of twelve more villas and treated the island as his own personal sanctuary. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Capri had to repel frequent pirate attacks, with Barbarossa plundering the island more than half a dozen times. Soon, control was given to Naples once more. The French also briefly took control of the island in 1806 and in the 19th century, the island became a centre for artists and musicians.

In recent decades, Capri has become a place for leisurely holidays, where the charm of old eras comes alive and the cobblestone streets feel like the set of a movie. Don’t forget to toast with a glass of Limoncello and soak in the beauty around you at every step.

Places of Interest in Capri

While the island is only 10 square kilometres in size, it has a lot to offer visitors from discovering the coastal sights, to boutiques, art galleries and awarded restaurants. For most visitors, it is recommended to spend at least 3 days in order to explore all there is on offer. Here are some of the top attractions and things to do and see in Capri.  

Blue Grotto Italy
Credit: Canva Library

Blue Grotto

Found on the northern side of the island, Blue Grotto is the highlight for most visitors to Capri. Expect a heavy crowd during peak season and keep in mind that access to the grotto is weather dependant. The cave is 60 meters long and 25 meters wide with stunning luminescent reflections of the crystal clear blue water and dancing sun rays. A truly serene and wonderful experience that is a must for every visitor. For yacht charters, it is possible to approach the Blue Grotto with your own vessel and pay for the rowboats that are allowed to enter inside.


Piazzetta is the main centre of Capri, where you can enjoy high-end cuisine in amazing restaurants and browse luxury stores. Most visitors prefer to dress well so pack accordingly. It should also be noted that most restaurants close around midday and open after 7 PM for dinner. Locals and European tourists have dinner after 10 PM so a later dinner after sightseeing is to be expected. For some restaurants, bookings are recommended and don’t be surprised if you are sitting across a Hollywood star.

Piazzetta Capri Square
Credit: Piazzetta Capri from Facebook
Monte Solaro View Capri Italy
Credit: Unsplash

Monte Solaro

This is the most famous attraction in Anacapri and the highest point on the island, sitting at 589m above sea level. To enjoy the spectacular view of the bays below, visitors ride on single chair lifts to the top of the mountain. The ride lasts just a bit over 10 minutes. Alternatively, there is a hiking path to follow that will take about 1 hour. You may also wish to visit the Hermitage of S. Maria di Cetrella nearby, which was built in 1400 and houses wonderful cultural and religious items.

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