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 Yacht charters in Italy

What is yacht charter/boat rental in Italy?

Yacht charter is a different name for boat rental. Most common yacht charters in Italy are 6 nights/7 days and start on Saturday. That’s why most if not all prices on this website are weekly.

A yacht charter in the Italy will include a deposit forfeiture insurance, sometimes also trip cancellation insurance.

When is the charter season in Italy?

Season: March, April, May, June + winter (summer busy).

The main charter season in Italy is the summer – April to September. Main months are July and August. Notice the interesting months of March and October, which offer a nice combination of “water warm enough to swim” and out of season prices.

What are the top reasons to charter in the Italyduring the summer

  • during the main season, the daylight ends after 8 pm
  • the temperatures range from 85°F – 100°F
  • world’s most familiar charter destination
  • amazing Italian food
  • known for its warm climate, stunning landscape

Types of yachts available for a charter in Italy

There are two main categories to sort the yachts, crew and the number of hulls. Crew can include crewed yachts or captain only yachts.

Crewed yachts Italy

Crewed yachts have a skipper and at the minimum, a chef. For larger yachts, the crew size can go up to well over 10 people, depending on the yacht size.

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Captain Only boats Italy

Captain only yachts are more budget friendly, as they only have a skipper. Note that the skipper needs a cabin, so you are usually looking at the cabins you need + 1 cabin for the captain.

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Sailing yachts Italy

Sailing yachts are a great option for Italy, as the distances allow for smooth sailing. With steady breeze and virtually an unlimited number of destinations, sailing in Italy is a great choice. Sailing yachts are usually monohulls with various lengths.

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Catamarans Italy

Catamarans are a family friendly boat with two hulls and a large size of deck. Most of the catamarans (all except power catamarans) do have sails, so you can still cruise into the sunset. The most fun part about catamarans is the fact that there is much more room, so dinners or afternoon cocktails are definitely different. At the same time, getting in and out of a catamaran is generally easier, which makes the catamarans a clear choice for larger groups and families.

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Power Catamarans Italy

Power catamarans are two hulled yachts without sails. Since the power cats usually have powerful engines, they are all about speed and convenience.

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Explore our database of Italian yachts. Filter by the main criteria and effectively find the right boat.


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